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Outdoors (Guest writer: Tim Van Zandt)

Exploring the Wonders of the Outdoors



Imagine standing next to a waterfall and feeling the mist on your face or the sense of achievement after hiking to the top of a mountain. The calming stillness of the forest, a cool breeze, bubbling brooks and animals calling to one another are all there waiting for you. Fresh air, quietness and scenic views allow you to clear your head and recharge from the daily grind. There’s nothing else like the wonders of nature.
Too often in our daily lives we are busy with work, cooped up inside and don’t take enough time to relax and unwind. There are also family members of ours who are dependent on technology and unfamiliar with the wilderness. Get away from civilization and focus on enjoying the outdoors to ensure a memorable experience.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that can be experienced alone or with others. There are usually hiking trails close to your home so it’s easy to head out for a couple hours or an afternoon. To get motivated for your first outing, try to plan a hike to a unique destination such as a mountain lake or a breathtaking overlook. Instead of talking about yet another football game on Monday morning at work, you can proudly boast that you climbed to the top of a 14,000 ft. mountain! 

 Camping with family and friends is a wonderful way to explore the outdoors. Whether you go car camping, backpacking or for an extended camping trip, you will see and experience nature like never before. Be sure to camp near a river, lake or somewhere with lots of opportunities to see wildlife and get away from the crowds. If it’s your first time camping, bring someone along who knows what they’re doing. While it’s not difficult, there are some necessary items and things you’ll need to do to ensure a fun time.


So spend some time hiking, camping, fishing, boating or any activity that gets you outdoors. You’ll experience adventure while exploring and contentment from the wonders of nature.


-Tim Van Zandt, Guest Writer

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