Crampons for Shoes Ice Snow Grips Unisex

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Uses: Suitable for winter crowds to use ice and snow, non-slip, hiking, hiking, fishing to prevent falling. Features: light weight, natural to wear, easy to carry, convenient and simple, clean water, wear-resistant, strong firmness, high cold resistance. Put on the non-slip shoe cover, will not slip, this product is designed for everyone, from children to the elderly, from the rambler to the construction worker, think about it, if you have a pair of non-slip soles, you can walk with confidence.

  • These slip on spikes dig into all types of terrain-ice, snow, wet rocks, concrete, and scree. Extremely durable, they attach securely to your footwear and require no special buckles or straps.
  • Suitable for male and female of any age including teenagers,adult,elders. Used on angled terrain,ice roads,icy driveway,mud and wet grass,dangerous sections of trail,etc.Great for trail running,hiking,and ice fishing.
  • Weight: non-slip shoe cover 290g. Small size, lightweight. Comes in a pouch for easy carry. Can be put it in a small storage bag and even pockets.
  • Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE),strong performance under -45°C. Easy to take on and off with secure and adjustable straps. Won't tear or snap, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability.
  • Easily fit the shoes ---- M:US size 5-9 L: US size 8-13



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